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Top Wall Decoration Ideas To Follow

Plain walls are a must eliminate in a home or any place for that matter. Not only is it too plain to look at it is also capable of dragging out the energetic vibe posed from the other surrounding decorations. There are many ways of eliminating such bare walls. The following are some such examples;

A comic statement

This is definitely one of the most interesting ideas perfect for a teen’s room or any room for that matter, depending on your choice of comic element. This is where an extract of particular scene is taken as the base to design the rest of the wall. For an example if you are a major fan of batman, you can’t miss joker’s presence in any one of the parts in the comic. And also the amazing colors of joker’s character makes it even better to be put up as an interesting art for display. Paint out one of your favorite scenes with joker in it on a plain wall. Thus adding in a more unique element to the otherwise boring wall. After all, villains are the new thing over superheroes! Of course if you want to keep things simple, you could have it in black and white or you could even forget this idea all together and opt to hang up a canvas wall art especially if you aren’t much of a comic’s person.

A tin display

This is a great way of recycling and decorating a home to look more vibrant and energetic with a splash of color. Here the idea is to create a transparent display with bright painted tin cans. It helps in making the walls less plain and also adds in something to look at. This could also be used as a perfect way of creating a decorative and closed space with in the living room area and its furniture. You could also throw in one of those modern rugs to enhance the cozy living space area. Thus creating an inviting and comfortable look.

A picture wall

The 21st century is all about photographs and capturing moments. At any event you would hardly be able to miss that flash in at least one corner of the room. This shows how much photography has become incorporated into our lives. So one of the best ways of making use of all these captured moments instead of only posting them on Instagram, is by creating a picture wall that has all these amazing shots organized in a way where they each tell a story that adds up to a complete tale at the end. This is truly one of the most innovative decorations you could use especially around the walls surrounding or leading towards a staircase. You could follow any of the above or create your own kind of unique décor to eliminate blank and boring walls.